This is the list of the ten best jobs in the UK – does your job feature in this list? Or do you dream to land up in one of these jobs? Well, have a look – you’ll have a better idea:

  • Audit managers:
    Those responsible for the conducting and ensuring the efficiency of an internal audit – the audit managers are currently the ones with the best jobs in the United Kingdom. Not only do they have a challenging job, but it’s well-paid too (Around £52,000)! Both the main checkboxes ticked off – lucky audit managers.
  • Data Scientists:
    The forever curious and intelligent brains whose job is to analyze and understand complicated things and put it forth in a simplified manner – data scientists they are! They take home £46,000!
  • Finance managers:
    The hectic world of finance managers comes next – with a load full of work responsibilities that constantly keep them on their toes – the finance managers to take home an excellent salary of £60,000. But workload wise, this job is hectic.


    • Risk manager:
      This job is again, an interesting one – observe scenarios affecting the company and come up with statistics and strategies to deal with the risks the company may probably face in the near future. Again a pretty high salary of £60,000.
    • Design managers:
      The need and requirement of creativity are ever-increasing, especially in times when the world is actually beginning to appreciate creativity. Design managers have a fun-time working as well- as pursuing their passion at work. They take home a salary package of £46,000.
  • Operations manager:
    A primary task of an operations manager is to make sure every aspect of a firm functions efficiently –,and they get paid £42,000.
  • Business Analyst:
    The one who analyses facts, figures, scenarios, and statistics to chart out plans for businesses – a pretty interesting and challenging job. These analysts are paid well too around £40,000.
  • HR managers:
    There’s always a need for these scanning brains – the ones who look out for the best from the available talent pool. And well, they take home an excellent package of £49,000.

  • Software engineers:
    Never a shortage for these nerdy brains – coding, testing and developing are the main jobs of software clan, who are paid pretty well £43,000.
  • Web developers:
    Because we all need someone to create for us an interesting online identity – these creative and intelligent brains take home £31,000.

Does your job feature in this?